Tech City Ventures


We are a leading technology ecosystem builder, working with cities and regions worldwide to drive inclusive economic prosperity through digital opportunities.


Our ventures

Tech City Ventures


We build & scale technology ecosystems inclusively & collaboratively, alongside SMEs, industry and government.


Our ventures

We help the best ideas to scale faster

About us

We are a growing collective of firms, each with its own value proposition dedicated to fostering city tech ecosystems. Together we offer the toolkit to take ideas to impact and solve the grand challenges of our time.

Our network comprises innovators, data holders, industry, the public sector, and citizens working together to collaboratively build the world’s future tech ecosystems. 

Goal 1

To help our cities create and grow strong technology ecosystems

Goal 2

To ensure technology ecosystems build solutions which lead to positive impact in their cities

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A network of world-class entrepreneurs  creating impactful solutions.


Over 300 FTSE C-Level executives looking to connect with enterprise solutions SMEs to transform their organisations.

Public Sector

A network of high ranking public officials from across local and central governments seeking to revolutionise the services they provide to citizens.


A network of advocates for change and collaboration.

Our ventures

Together we support the growth and scale of global tech ecosystems, delivering across the key pillars of a Tech City Ecosystem.

Our ventures work in partnership to build and scale solutions that drive inclusive economic prosperity through digital opportunities.

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Our ingredients

Place focused

A key focus on helping cities & regions embrace their role in the future digital landscape

Digitally driven

We respect data, process and systems as a fundamental foundation to scaling any impact

Sustainability driven

We address how to be more efficient and use less when growing a technology ecosystem

Inclusive innovation

We ensure models for innovation are inclusive and brings the whole ecosystem together collaboratively

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