About us

Our vision is to see tech city ecosystems driven sustainably, economically and inclusively to solve the grand challenges of our time. 

Founded by George Johnston and building ventures alongside world-class co-founders, we acknowledge that one company alone cannot create real impact.

Tech City Ventures is a growing collective of firms, each with its value proposition, dedicated to fostering city tech ecosystems. 

In little under 4 years we have developed a team of 50+ talented individuals who have worked with over 30+ clients, 200+ high growth scale ups, 300+ executives and delivered many successful private-public sector partnerships.

  TCV is focused on two key goals.

Goal 1

To help our cities sit at the heart of technology ecosystems

Goal 2

To build and scale solutions inclusively and collaboratively

Together we collectively offer the skills and tools to take ideas to impact and help solve the grand challenges of our time.


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Problems we solve

Fewer than two thirds of central government departments have begun the process of cloud migration, despite making it mandatory for central government – and strongly recommended in the public sector as a whole – to evaluate public cloud solutions before all others.

Estimates suggest artificial intelligence, reliant upon data being uncovered and utilised, could be worth as much as £232 billion to the UK economy by 2030.

The list of the 20 top public sector SITS vendors saw just one new entrant in the last year.

Utilising its unique knowledge of the innovation landscape, and institutional understanding of the public sector and SME environment, Nitrous has created a model of co-creation that fosters genuine collaboration and delivers sustainable results.

Tech City Ventures. London-based. Global reach.

TechDotX has expanded with into the US, hosting the City Tech platforms for Mayor’s of NYC, Boston, DC & Philadelphia.

We have helped a number of the swiftscale portfolio launch into the US with on the ground support, credibility and networking.

Our home base for TCV, where we actively engage with over 80% of the FTSE 250 MNC’s and their c-level executives. Nitrous first launched here working with TfL & Bosch as flagship co-creation partners in the London Connectory centre, designed and built by Incube. TechDotX runs the capital’s destination for its tech ecosystem in partnership with the Mayor of London, whilst SwiftScale designed and ran PwC’s flagship scale programmes.

With Deloitte, TCV supports to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with X-Hub, a key initiative to support startups scaling out of Tokyo to validate their propositions with UK and European markets.

Where Nitrous develops co-creation projects with the government and local industry to grow Singapore as the world’s smartest city.


We are always looking for exceptional individuals to join our teams. If you have solid technology  ecosystem knowledge and an understanding of urban innovation and challenges, we would love to hear from you. Browse our open positions or email [email protected] with your CV and 300 words about what you believe you can contribute to Tech City Ventures.

Active openings
  • Benefits include:
    • Personal learning and development budget
    • Competitive compensation
    • Power hours – one hour a week dedicated to personal development
    • Complimentary breakfasts, snacks and drinks throughout the week, plus regular team socials
    • Productivity, workflow automation and best practice training
    • Flexible working