Our Ventures

Tech City Ventures has co-founded a number of ventures, enabling a core platform which drives successful ecosystems globally. Our ventures work in partnership together with the common goal of taking high impact ideas to scale and ensuring this opportunity is made inclusive to all members of our society.

See the value that our ventures provide to our network below.


Collective insights

We are tracking and sharing insights from across the ecosystem, analysing latest opportunities, RFPs and policy changes to inform our work.

World-class network

We are building a network of ex-ministers, officials, investors and industry who can navigate, adopt and deliver across our opportunities.

Unlocking data

We are sharing and modelling data that drives operational efficiencies, uncovers value for our network and highlights gaps for co-creation of new solutions.

Create and scale

We create and scale the best technology firms. We help entrepreneurs unlock their impact potential at all stages of their journey.


Nitrous brings together technology, data and process to create new solutions to high impact challenges, alongside industry, government and SMEs.



SwiftScale brings proven scale ups and decision makers together, to deliver pipeline, raise investment and scale.


From idea to impact

Support & facilitate

TechDotX platforms are partnered with the Mayors of the globe’s tech hubs and act as a launchpad for market entry, credibility and promotion of our network.


Our network

A sustainable technology ecosystem puts individuals first, bringing groups together to solve problems, regardless of their background. We collectively work with – founders, investors, policymakers and industry decision makers. The quality of our network is a critical component of everything we do.


Over 300+ c-level executives have signed up to to our initiatives and are actively engaged. We specifically work with senior decision makers and key gatekeepers to deliver value.
We are one of Europe’s most successful vehicles at enabling procurement opportunities, partnerships and acquisitions.

The SMEs we work with represent the fastest growing companies in the ecosystem, with 75 of them raising over $850m in 2019. Innovators at this level of maturity create far more effective procurement, partnership and co-creation opportunities with our industry and government partners.


Predominantly through Nitrous, we have built a network of high ranking public officials from across local and central government in the UK and abroad. We support them in building partnerships with the private sector to enable co-creation.

Through Tech Connect, we have hosted over 150 delegations, consisting of international policy makers and economic developers with whom we’ve helped find blueprints to grow their own technology clusters. We have launched within key cities, alongside local mayors, digital hub platforms which centralise all content and data for their ecosystem.