Urban Links Africa

Location: Cape Town, Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Durban and Johannesburg


We supported the Urban Links Africa project connecting innovators, entrepreneurs and city leaders to solve the grandest challenges some African cities face. The project is led by Connected Places Catapult and the United Nations and funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund and Innovate UK. 

By facilitating six collaborative UK-African partnerships, Tech City Ventures helps cities co-create innovative and sustainable solutions to address city-specific SDG challenges across Kenya and South Africa. 

We designed, built, and deployed a digital platform that enables businesses to find other organisations and develop innovative ideas addressing city challenges. 


The platform brings together relevant news, events, companies, workspaces and resources. Users can create profiles, content and leverage the messaging and networking functionalities to promote stakeholder engagement, facilitate project planning and encourage collaboration through the whiteboard features and built-in video conferencing.


Explore the platform (button that links to  https://www.urbanlinksafrica.com/)


  • Connected Places Catapult
  • United Nations
  • Nitrous
  • TechDotX
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