Is London going hybrid, remote or back to the office?

As lockdown restrictions ease on the 19th of July, we will likely no longer be asked to work from home. Many businesses are welcoming this reopening, while others have found that remote-working or hybrid work models work well for them.

To find out whether London is going back to the office, remote or hybrid, we spoke to Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder & CEO of Hubble.

Thank you Tushar, we really appreciate you finding the time to speak with us!

Returning to the office sustainably

As a result of the pandemic, companies have had to adjust their work models and foresee that the future of work may differ from what was pre-pandemic. As lockdowns ease, we now have the opportunity to reimagine our workspaces and company cultures.

As a result of decreased travelling and consumption throughout the pandemic, carbon emissions have fallen, and air quality has improved. Digitalisation has spread across all industries, which has helped maintain efficiency and replicate some essential elements of in-person communication. Some of us have found that remote working provides flexibility and empowerment; others can’t wait to return to offices.

It is now coming close to the time when we need to make intelligent decisions about defining and executing a sustainable return to work. In order to do so sustainably, we need to consider our teams, environment and our business goals.